Where does Kente Cloth originate?

One of the most famous textiles that are used in Ghana is the Kente. New clothing lines such as ANEBA put a new twist integrating new Kente fashion. There are many conflicting claim regarding this most celebrated textile’s actual origin. Even though many of the mainstream texts do attribute the link of the famous Kente textile to the Ashanti, there is also another credible and alternative view that it is actually originated with the Ewe people, who are from Ghana. To know more about the origination of this most famous cloth, this article will take a look at the origination of the Kente cloth.

What is the possible origination of this popular cloth?

Even thought, there are various types of patterns and colours of this particular clothing, this clothing also reflects the history of the Ashanti people. Ashanti are those who are the members of the Akan people. These people speak the Akan or the Ashanti dialect when communicating. The meaning of Kente is “basket”. This is said to be originated from the dialect that they speak. On the other hand, they refer to this cloth as “nwentoma” and this means woven cloth in their language.

The empire of Ashanti was located in the present day Ghana, which first emerged during the 17th century in West Africa. There are many myths and stories regarding the Kente and one of the popular legends from Ashanti mention that, from the Bonwire village, two farmers named Watah Kraban and Krugu Amoaya came across a spider named Ananse. This spider is a popular character in the Ghanaian mythology. It was spinning a web and the farmers were in awe when they watched the magnificent web. They returned back to their village and tried to re-create what they came across.

From the white and … Continue Reading

The Little-known Tips For Tapers

additionally German kerze “candle light,” from Old High German charza, from Latin charta, from Greek khartes “papyrus, roll made from papyrus, wick made from pith of papyrus.

Old English tapur, taper “candle,” not found outside English, perhaps a dissimilated borrowing from Latin papyrus (see papyrus), which was used in Middle ages Latin and some Romance languages for “wick of a candle light” (e.

This info must not be considered total, up to day, and also is not meant to be utilized instead of a browse through, consultation, or recommendations of a lawful, medical, or any other expert.

Old English (representing any wax candle light), dissimilated type (by change of p- to t-) of Latin papyrus (see papyrus), the pith of which was made use of for candle light wicks.… Continue Reading

Having The Most Readily Useful Taxi Tips

Taxi travelers Links to trip info for passengers including taxi prices, safety and the Taxi Fare Estimator.

I frequently existed via my teeth to inform an excellent story catered to whoever was in the back seat. Travelling with a handicap Accessibility and also mobility info for individuals travelling with a handicap.

Bus driversInformation regarding coming to be a bus driver and also the accreditation application procedure. Automobile fuel: Having a Crossbreed car could substantially decrease your expense, it is essential to search for a less consuming fuel car. If the costs is much less compared to $10, don’t hesitate to give a 10% idea, however do not tip much less than $1. Passenger legal rights and responsibilities

The civil liberties as well as obligations of customers when employing or taking a trip in a taxi (lewisham taxi to heathrow). Responses and also complaints An online comments kind to assist you with making problems or supplying comments to the Taxi Provider Payment.

One more piece of eyebrow-raising shonkery is billing an extra 2-3 percent for card settlements. I imply, Yes, it was my selection to go through, however I actually assumed you would possibly have something valuable to say. A lot of taxis feature a price ticker which enables you to view the price of the flight surge as you approach your destination. Appropriate amounts vary depending on the city, the scenarios, and also exactly how far the taxi driver drove you– however generally, an idea matching to 15% of the general price should be adequate. “I had been questioning for many years, “What does it cost? of a pointer is normal to provide a taxi or cab driver?”

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Helping The Others Know The Benefits Of Weight Training

The look for sleeve-busting biceps and also carved upper body has actually led lifters to attempt basically anything to acquire more muscle as well as see better results. Actual training programs ought to be based off of outcomes, which in this case, refers to effectiveness at placing on significant quantities of muscular tissue. There are lots of training programs out there that promise a large return on your training financial investment. Some focus on an extremely high training quantity whereas others guarantee large gains with reasonably little training.

Putting adequate stimulus on the muscle for growth is vital if you want to see any type of type of results. Rest-pause training generally works by having the lifter carry out a few associates, racking the weight for 15 seconds, and after that un-racking it and continuing to work. To present rest-pause training right into your routine, beginning by choosing one workout at the beginning of your regimen, ideally a hefty player like back squats, bench press, and so on.

A zero-fat or very low-fat intake could endanger your testosterone degrees when trying to add mass. Besides containing modest amounts of fat, it’s also an excellent source of cholesterol, which supports testosterone production. It’s supposed to earn the receptors on muscles more sensitive to circulating testosterone, which may permit higher testosterone uptake and muscle repair work.

According to http://massgainsource.com/best-nitric-oxide-supplements/, one of the largest blunders a man can make is getting irritated with their progress beforehand. Track your arise from each exercise and look for little renovations each week. But, if you add five extra pounds every few exercises, you’ll see fantastic results later on.

In nonlifter’s terms, always end up a set recognizing you might have done a few even more reps. This is certainly old school advice, however “save yourself” … Continue Reading

How Exactly To Clean Accommodation For Vacations

You can invest hours, days or even weeks organising strategies prior to you have to leave. Remember that besides the have to organise your air travels, among the most vital points to think about is where you’ll be remaining when you get there. It is likewise commonly the most costly component of the trip though it does not have to be. Reserving an area to remain while travelling can be something of a minefield if you become part of it without any assumptions or understanding.

Hotel room rates are in fact a complicated development– constructed not simply after the area, high-end as well as appeal of the facility, yet additionally on a formula based heavily on supply and also need. The time of year and also events in the area could substantially change the rate of your favored lodging. While some unanticipated circumstances could be from your control, there are still numerous methods and manner ins which will certainly enable you to spend less on your following journey away. See http://www.theislandhost.com for holiday houses in the Maldives.

With some study, a little bit of research and also some subsequent, you’ll arrive with quite a conserving too. There are points that should always be taken with you– travel insurance need to never be something you cut corners out on. You need to consider your demands as well as read the PDS before choosing to get insurance policy. If exchanging houses isn’t your point, then take into consideration house-sitting as an alternative. In exchange for enjoying and also cleaning somebody’s house while they are away, you’ll get a location to remain in the location you are going to.

If it does not seem right, don’t do it. But once you couchsurf for the very first time, you see that it truly isn’t … Continue Reading

Approaches To Learning Nose Surgery

After your rhinoplasty surgical treatment, you will certainly not wake up with the nose you have always desired for, instead, you will have a bandage over your nose. Every surgical treatment involves recovery and healing time, as well as mostly all surgical procedures entail some swelling and bruising. Any type of bruising around your eyes results from the placement of your nose as well as the way your specialist had to control your skin, cartilage, as well as bone in that area. Thankfully, if you follow these tips, the swelling and also discoloration will certainly decrease and also disappear promptly.

Throughout this nose surgery recovery timeline, you will additionally notice that you have wounding and swelling. Do not try to remove it yourself as you can disrupt the healing procedure. On this same day if you had open nose surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will eliminate any type of stitches too. Nevertheless, if you had interior stitches they might be delegated liquify on their own.

A lot of patients do not experience discomfort however whine that the nose is “stopped Up. Many individuals considering Nasal Cosmetic Surgery have actually been subjected to a loved one or close friend who has already finished the treatment. The message nose surgery patients’ face is bruised, inflamed as well as they are showing off a particular nasal bandage called a splint.

The specialist will certainly have assessed your nose and shown you computer system or tracing paper graphics of the expected end result on your nose. Your doctor needs to give you directions on just what to do and refrain from doing to alleviate the recovery process. Follow your cosmetic surgeon’s directions to the t and also the ideas supplied in this short article to make your nose job recovery timeline brief and also acceptable.… Continue Reading

Picking Good Flooring Methods

Solid hardwood flooring, like all strong timber, is an all-natural insulator. Below are some general tips on hardwood floor treatment. Comments Should I employ a person to do my brand-new flooring? yes, it’s aways best to work with a professional installer. If you are thinking about replacing your rug for hardwood floors, there are numerous kinds and designs to choose from. The Slab wood floor covering is also considered a direct floor covering, however this kind is wider.

Appearance alone can typically establish the grade of each hardwood floor covering item. The negative aspect of a wider linear flooring is the worry regarding exactly what effect wetness will carry the flooring. 2, have more markings than either of the various other 2 grades and are typically defined as a result of these extensively varied natural attributes and the “solid” character they bring to floors for Epoxy Garage.

Latex dries fairly swiftly, but it is necessary not to hurry if you want a fantastic final product. Concrete holds wetness and if you let any kind of get in between the flooring as well as the paint, your paint will certainly be peeling in a snap. You could use a layer of sealant if you like, but with a good paint, it is usually not essential. You can pick either to place several layers of latex paint or a few layers of an epoxy material on your garage flooring.

Useful Tips On Wood Floor Treatment

Just like anything else in today’s times, if you can’t find it on the internet, after that it can’t be had. The only difference would certainly be from the prices of requiring more paint compared to epoxy for the task as paint should have more layers to hold up. An additional method to assist protect against … Continue Reading

Detective Conan : A case to follow!

Shinichi Kudo is a 17-year-old secondary school detective whom individuals call the “Present day Sherlock Holmes.” However, one night after a date with his youth sweetheart Ran, Shinichi saw an illicit exchange and was thumped oblivious and encouraged a medication that should kill him… in any case, he woke up and got himself contracted to a 7-year-old. Keeping in mind the end goal to find the men who did this to him, Shinichi rehashed his way of life as Conan Edogawa and lived with Ran, whose father happened to be a sad detective, and with that came a progression of homicides and riddles that he should illuminate.

The Case Closed manga has sold more than 140 million volumes on the planet making it the seventh top rated manga arrangement. In Japan, singular volumes much of the time show up on the arrangements of top rated manga.Case Closed was the nineteenth smash hit manga in 2011, with 2,120,091 duplicates sold.Nikkei Entertainment magazine distributed a rundown of main 50 manga makers by deals since January 2010, in its September 2011 issue; Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Case Closed was positioned sixteenth, with 3,320,000 duplicates sold. It was the seventeenth top of the line manga in 2012, with 2,430,572 duplicates sold. In 2013 Case Closed turned into the 24th top rated manga, with 1,966,206 duplicates sold. It won the 46th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōnen class in 2001, and respondents in an online survey for Japanese nationals in their mid-twenties voted Case Closed as one of the main three manga they needed to keep running in distribution. The principal volume of Case Closed showed up thrice in the main ten offering records, directly after its premiere,the same volume has likewise showed up in the Diamond Comic Distributors’ positioning rundown. Later-distributed volumes have … Continue Reading

Some Thing You Must Never Do With Companies

When you sign up a business, you are producing an entity that has its very own lawful commitments. As an official, you should be aware of anything that is required of you under the regulation. Prior to beginning a business, you also should think about the structure of your business and also just how it will run. A company could run under a constitution, exchangeable rules, or a mix of both. See constitution and also changeable policies for information concerning the distinctions and also what your obligations are. Officials are responsible for guaranteeing a business satisfies its lawful responsibilities.

This indicates you do not have the expense of maintaining it upgraded as the regulation adjustments. A company can additionally have actually a composed constitution rather than making use of replaceable guidelines. If a proprietary firm has just one officeholder, they don’t should adhere to changeable policies or have a constitution. Through Philippines Trademark registration you can ensure your company name stays yours.

You’ll have to choose what kind of business entity you wish to be, for tax obligation purposes as well as hopefully to at some point attract investors. You will certainly do this after you have actually determined whether you will certainly require money from others either in equity or car loans and with the suggestions of your lawful and accountancy professionals. It is just one of the last steps taken before you in fact invest cash or ask someone for loan.

Get professional suggestions if you have any doubt concerning the web content or sort of economic records to maintain. The checklists over give examples just, due to the fact that the monetary documents you need will vary from firm to firm. You could keep some financial documents digitally, but you need to have the ability to convert … Continue Reading

Most Noticeable T Shirt Ideas For Farms

The t-shirt is a staple in sportswear and has actually been widely accepted by both men and women the last couple of years. Not just are they a timeless item of casual wear, but tees are a blank canvas for musicians and entrepreneurs alike. With the growth in appeal of tees businesses, there’s no doubt you’ll be facing some tight competitors. If you already have suggestions for the types of designs you wish to sell, you can be up and running in as low as a couple of hours. Combine competition with slim margins as well as constructing an on-line tee company ends up being a little harder compared to it could first appear. Specific niche: Being much more specific will certainly assist you attract attention along with much better bring in and also market to the appropriate audience without blowing your spending plan.

Yeah, I obtained the tee shirts and mustang shirts with detachable tags as well as I had them eliminate them prior to shipping. I doubt there would certainly be an issue unless you tell individuals this is your personal tee that you have actually made. It goes to the (briefly entitled I really hope– terrible URL.) http://language-learning-t-shirts. Essentially T-shirts/hoodies that make that you are discovering an international language noticeable. Just managed a number of Chinese tee shirts today but will certainly be rolling out a lot more over the following week.

These can include neighborhood shops, gift stores, t-shirt shops and even larger retail chain stores. Many stores like sustaining services in their location, so it’s best to begin with stores in your town or city first. Even if you have a site does not suggest that swarms of individuals will certainly learn about it or even locate it online when you are starting a tshirt … Continue Reading

Things You Need To Know About Getting An Oven For Your Farm

The first choice to earn when contrasting stoves to acquire is whether a gas or electric powered oven ideal suits your requirements. Fans disperse warmth uniformly around an oven, permitting food to prepare faster and a lot more equally. Heavy steam stoves are understood to minimize cooking time, maintaining the flavour of food plus keeping its vitamins and nutrients, along with being simpler to clean afterwards. If you’re beginning a full re-build of your kitchen, after that you have the liberty to build your cooking area to accommodate whatever size stove you pick. Double Ovens: A dual stove is 2 separate ovens either ahead or together with one another.

Look for solid shelves that sit level and do not continuously slide out, or droop onward if pulled out slightly. Try to find one that has a big, clear-view window with multiple layers of glass. Usually, a stove door with three layers of glass will certainly be cooler to the touch compared to one with two layers. Adaptability: Electric stoves utilize leading, bottom, rear as well as grill aspects, plus a fan to optimize various cooking requirements. Convection: Makes use of a fan to distribute warm air around food and also roast meats up to 25 per cent faster. Use oven repair in louisville ky if you encounter any problems

LG has actually created a few of their stoves to consist of infrared food preparation modern technology, the same that has actually been used in grills for several years. Infrared cooking minimizes preheat time by around 20 percent, says their Website. Colin West McDonald/CNET Environment-friendly ranges and also ovensThe Epa uses its EnergyStar rating system to recommend items that save power without giving up functions of performance.

That steam could damage your cooking area with time if your range is located … Continue Reading

Benefits of Hiring Residential Piano Movers

Relocation to a different house demands effective planning. Instead of opting to relocate all by yourself, it is wise to hire residential movers. Hiring residential movers yields benefits such as:

Efficiency is guaranteed

Residential movers are professionals who have the right skills to enable a person to move to a new home efficiently. They endeavor to be perfect as they do their job. They are capable of facilitating moving of items in a speedy manner. Besides, they know the techniques to integrate in case things do not turn out right. If the means of transport hired breaks down, they can quickly get another one from their company ensuring the process is not cut short.

Time is saved

It is very evident that moving consumes so much time. It can even go on for several days if you decide to do it on your own. The process is very demanding and hectic to undertake. There is need to pack items from the current house, load and transport them using a means of transport. Once they arrive at the destined location, unpacking and moving them to the house is necessary. Organizing the items follows. Seeking the services of residential movers ensures all this is done within the shortest time possible. Since residential movers have enough personnel to do so, the exercise becomes less overwhelming.

Security is assured

Majority of residential movers have insurance schemes that promise compensation for the items being moved. In the event that the goods are prone to theft when they are moved, the owner does not suffer losses since compensated is offered. Further, the residential movers use quality containers or boxes to pack and move the goods.

Peace of mind

Residential moving can steal away your peace of mind. But you obviously do not wish for that to … Continue Reading

We’re Equipping Our New Farm With Video Software

music by natentine.com

Whereas, An L-Cut is where you see the video clip initially and afterwards listen to the audio. Most of the people obtain confused with the terms J and L-Cut and also mixed up a great deal. J as well as L cuts could improve a great deal of visual interest in the scene. this is generally just what distinguishes wannabe and also expert filmmakers. It is very easy even importing from smart phones like iPhone however all the settings like resolution have to be well readjusted. well, then the Adobe Creative Cloud’s Best Pro (which is made use of to modify the most recent movie launches, like Gone Lady) is most likely to be a good choice. However, remember that there’s a learning curve to these editors.

When modifying sound however not any longer, earlier variations of iMovie had significant difficulties. The audio control of iMovie is really helpful now that every manufacturer and customer is worried on the top quality of sound that comes with the video clip. If editing audio was virtually difficult for you in the past, you will have something to grin regarding with iMovie. Without them, you would just have a collection of unexpected as well as random shots with absolutely nothing to bond them with each other. They organize the arbitrary shots and provide the framework for the finished video. The best video clip editors are some of the highest-paid workers in the movie industry.

Keep in mind that you are telling a story with both photos as well as sound. If the audio tracks are not modified appropriately, excellent picture editing and enhancing falls apart. Rough audio changes on the cut make the picture cuts appear to be incorrect as well as rough.… Continue Reading

How Keep Your Hair Shiny When Working In A Farm

Scarfs, jackets and also main home heating make Winter the hardest time for obtaining, and also maintaining, healthy looking hair. Here are my top pointers on accomplishing impossibly hot as well as elegant hair, during the cooler months. It’s recommended to buy hottie hair extensions as those are easily more maintainable.

DO reward thinning hair with gentle treatment, as well as prevent over-brushing, washing, and handling, all of which could further harm already delicate strands. Normally in this period you invite itchy scalp due to dandruff or other factors. For such bothersome scalp using neem oil is the best solution. You have to pick a secure shampoo, which appropriates for you. And also cleaning the hair too often is not a good thing. It can harm the hair earlier.

Two times a weeks is great. Utilize a layered rubber band or a soft hair tie to protect braids as well as completions of a pigtail to minimize the stress and anxiety on the hair. Sulphates in fact generate lather, promoting shampoo’s cleansing action and in charge of that ‘œsqueaky clean’ feeling after every session of shampooing. Utilize a tooth brush with hairspray for flyaways. No damaging crinkling irons required. Tried these, enjoyed them, and also searching for more. Now that you have, ‘œthe secret’ of hair clean, use it when next applying hair shampoo to discover the difference. cut their heads as well as put on wigs for special occasions, cooked the leaves of the henna shrub to get a red dye, or tinted their hair with indigo. rrently have an account. eck in. When hair is damaged, though, the scales could separate and hair can come to be dry.

Due to the fact that the ranges on dry hair don’t shield the inner two layers as well, hair can … Continue Reading

Adding SEO To Your Farm Business

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 is a technological, imaginative and logical procedure to enhance the presence of a web site in search engines. Its primary function is to drive more visits to a site that exchange sales.

Just a couple of brief years back, all you needed to rank was to have some web content on the page using bristol seo. It really did not matter if the content read like it was written by an ape playing Mad Libs, you were possibly risk-free. That has gradually altered for many years as Google’s algorithms were adapted to much better make up the passions of searchers.

A huge range of visitor blogging only for web link function is considered as a violation of Google’s regulations. Visitor blogging ought to bring worth not just to both sides (the blog writer and the blog site host) but also for individuals too. SEO has actually constantly been a taxing and also long-term procedure, but nowadays it is additionally much more about individuals, not internet site proprietors.

Think of it practically momentarily. There are billions of web site web pages on the internet, and also maybe thousands or perhaps millions focusing on a details key words. Every one of them would certainly favor to be in the # 1 placement for their keyword phrase so they could take advantage of all that totally free website traffic. There is just one top placement readily available, and also only about 9 more on the initial page, so this is a little elite team considering the number of contending pages, as well as every webmaster wants to belong to this elite club.

The shift to mobile has ended up being the brand-new choice – in May 2015 mobile search formally passed desktop computer search in terms of … Continue Reading

The Core Key On Teeth Health In Your Farmyard

Less than 10% of canines are actually educated. It’s likely that an also smaller number is educated to accept a toothbrush or fingerbrush in their mouths. Hire a fitness instructor if you must, yet make a point of teaching him that the tooth brush is his close friend.

Brush throughout the top of the chewing surfaces of the teeth as this is a great form of teeth cleaning. See to it the bristles get involved in the grooves and also gaps. Wind the floss around the middle fingers of each hand, leaving a 2.5 cm (one inch) area open for flossing. Floss the leading teeth first, after that all-time low. Commonly individuals make use of toothbrushes that are small or as well large for the dimension of their mouth, which can quit them from getting to all areas of their mouth. Felicita smoked and also lost all her teeth by age 50. She really did not recognize that cigarette smoking could damage her gum tissues and teeth.

There is a correct cleaning strategy that can be accomplished with both a guidebook and also electrical toothbrush no matter which tooth brush you prefer to use but for many people that struggle to brush their teeth correctly with a hand-operated toothbrush, an electric toothbrush can be excellent.

First of all, clean the external surface areas of the lower teeth. The toothbrush head must be put with the ideas of the bristles slanted at an angle in the direction of the gingival margin.

One simple and low-cost remedy for making your teeth whiter and your smile better is to apply baking soda to your teeth. This is a very old, time examined method that functions. Make a paste with water, and let the sodium bicarbonate sit on your teeth for 5-10 mins … Continue Reading

Information On Sleep Techniques On A Farm

Yet prior to you go sprinkling the money, it deserves bearing in mind that there are basic pointers as well as tricks that could assist you sleep quickly absolutely free. Preschoolers: If a preschooler has an irritating evening waking or nightmare, it is all right for him or her to call out or choose Mom or Daddy for comfort. Nevertheless, as soon as relaxed, Mom or Father must return the youngster to his/her very own bed. Surround the child with products of comfort, such as a favored packed animal or soft covering or various other item that will permit the child to drop off to sleep once more independently without the should leave the bed and seek you out once more. It’s highly recommended to use the products from http://bedroom.solutions/memory-foam-mattresses/ if you’re looking for superior sleeping solutions for your bedroom.

Absolutely concur that evenings are somehow much more straightforward and pure. I’m a loved one rookie compared to you! Just started them 13 years ago however I like them and also made use of to switch out of days to evenings on the rota. Missing out now doing a daytime work for the year, but plenty more where that originated from following year!

I actually hope that you obtained a lot of value from these tips. As well as the action step for you is to just choose 1 or 2 of the suggestions over as well as use them for the following 2 weeks. Notice if you feel extra revitalized, better energy via the day, less discomfort (if you have any kind of), and if you normally just feel better. Actually I saw a General Practitioner on BBC news the other morning claiming whenever an individual pertains to him with rest problems depression is frequently his first thought about … Continue Reading

When We Take A Break From The Farmyard – We Surf!

When you are paddling out, Paddle right and get a cheap SUP board. You will certainly lose the forward momentum you’ve developed up if you hit the waves at a glancing angle. Stay perpendicular to the approaching waves and cut” via them rather. It really simply relies on the person. Some individuals could learn how to browse in a week, while various other requirement months or even years to find out.

Excellent things, surfing is one of those things that takes a long period of time to get good at, I believe that is part of the pleasure – attempting to master something challenging. Bundle 1 or typical space has solitary and also dual beds, a private lavatory with heating unit, telephone, an electric follower or air conditioning system. Click The Web Network” and after that click start.” This will raise the Wii web browser, which is a Wii version of the Opera Web browser. The ea to be: The Eco-friendly Iguana Browse Camp Word count 649

Whether you’re hopping on a board for the first time or you’re a seasoned motorcyclist looking for L.’s finest breaks, there’s something for everyone. Newbies could find out the best ways to browse with smooth, regular waves, while experts can going towards the big stuff. Whatever degree you go to, you’ll intend to take a look at these fabulous L. surfing spots and study surf society UNITED STE.5 feet (2.6 m).

It ain’t very easy but it helps if you ask far better internet users just how they nail their techniques and also exactly what techniques they use. That is, if you have the best relationship keeping that individual. Sometimes, I get asked myself as well as I’m greater than happy to share just what I know. It’s likewise best for learners … Continue Reading

Welcome To Sandy Meadows

Undun Wind and our Grandsons
Grandpa and the Boys at Midwest Horse Fair

If you are looking for a stallion to breed to who has a calm, easy going disposition, Undun Wind is your guy!

At Midwest Horse Fair, our 2 year old grandson Reese insisted on ‘riding’ Undun Wind.  His ten year brother Jonny is helping Grandpa Bob in Undun Wind’s stall!

Horse of the Month

This will be one of our top quality show prospects for sale.

See the Current

Horse Of The Month below:

Email or call so we can talk about how we can help make your horse dreams

come true this year!

Bob and Marlene Dreifke

Undun This Undun That

Undun This Undun That ~ Red Dun colt
Now 2 years Old ~ Yearling in Photo
Undun This Undun That
Red Dun Breeding Stock Colt As Yearling Now 2

Undun This Undun That ~ 2/5/04 Red Dun Colt out of Res. World Champion mare, Skip This Skip That. BS Paint.  By Undun Wind. Eligible for IBHA and ABRA and APHA. Stunning colt with just enough chrome to get the judges attention. Great, long neck on this colt. He will be a super all around horse. Ready to start under saddle this spring!!  Get in the Winner’s Circle with this one!!   

Horse of the Month Special Price:  $3200

It’s not just that we live in America … It’s that America lives in us!

At Sandy Meadows Farm we raise quality Quarter Horses specializing in All Around Foundation bred Duns and Grullas.

We are again going to donate 10% of each breeding fee up to the first 40 breedings to Our Local Area Charities such as Salvation Army, Food Pantries, and Homeless Shelters.

See inside for more details.

We stand Undun Wind, 16 Hand Dun multiple Honor

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